“From the opening seconds of “Love Don’t Dare” Paul Bibbins announces (loudly) his intentions of taking you on an incredible musical journey filled with mind-blowing jams and cosmic excursions. His Joe Kool Jack: … A Slight Ode to Jimi Hendrix is an obvious nod to the late guitar god, but Paul’s musical vision is much more ambitious than merely rehashing glorious moments from our collective past. This is turbocharged psychedelic blues crossed with bold experimentation. While you’ll definitely hear the unmistakable influences of Hendrix, Cream and Zeppelin across this adventurous album, Paul’s tendency to shake things up with odd time signatures and unexpected passages keeps the listener consistently off balance. Paul’s guitar work is exemplary, and as good as anyone out there. His vocals are smooth, and work as great counterpoint to the music. Not content to merely record a cover of Jimi’s classic “Voodoo Child,” Mr. Bibbins reinvents the song beautifully with passion and energy.”

— Howard Lawrence, iTunes review, iTunes