Best Blues Rock Song Winner

“July 2015 winner for Best Blues/Rock song – ‘Stone Cold Monday’. “With a millennium of experimentation already in the rear view mirror it’s almost impossible to develop original licks. Yet, by the divine sanction of Hendrix it has been done here, creating one of the most hard-hitting blues songs we’ve heard this year.”

— Akademia Music Awards

Best Rock Song Finalist

“July 2015 finalist for Best Rock song – ‘Eagle’s World Blues’. “It has to make you chuckle when you hear three guys with a mixer walk all over the infinitely tracked and layered output of today’s pop studios – Paul Bibbins is a modern master of his instrument.”

— Akademia Music Awards

Best Hard Rock Album Winner

“March 2015 winner for Best Hard Rock Album — Joe Kool Jack: …a slight ode to Jimi Hendrix. “In the current era of over-produced shrink-wrapped pop fare…ripping guitar riffs, vintage vocals and lo-fi production give this Rock album a commanding edge.””

— Akademia Music Awards

Recording Magazine Review

“Rarely have we heard a more complete union of programming and live playing. Capturing the loose, wild drum style of a Mitch Mitchell or Ginger Baker is a daunting task under the best of circumstances. With all respect to the BOSS DR-880, for a guitarist to pull this off on any drum machine shows some crazy talent in our opinion. Not only are the tones superior (listen to the cymbals!) but the drum balance, especially on the tom fills, is stellar. Simply put, this may well be the finest example of drum programming that we have heard in our 16-plus years authoring the Readers’ Tapes column. Fortunately for us, Paul is also a damn fine player. The electric guitar is aggressive, with just enough grit to carry it in the trio format. Paul really seems to understand the dual roles of playing that this genre requires, switching effortlessly between rhythm and lead.”

— Marty Peters, recording engineer, Recording Magazine

iTunes review

“From the opening seconds of “Love Don’t Dare” Paul Bibbins announces (loudly) his intentions of taking you on an incredible musical journey filled with mind-blowing jams and cosmic excursions. His Joe Kool Jack: … A Slight Ode to Jimi Hendrix is an obvious nod to the late guitar god, but Paul’s musical vision is much more ambitious than merely rehashing glorious moments from our collective past. This is turbocharged psychedelic blues crossed with bold experimentation. While you’ll definitely hear the unmistakable influences of Hendrix, Cream and Zeppelin across this adventurous album, Paul’s tendency to shake things up with odd time signatures and unexpected passages keeps the listener consistently off balance. Paul’s guitar work is exemplary, and as good as anyone out there. His vocals are smooth, and work as great counterpoint to the music. Not content to merely record a cover of Jimi’s classic “Voodoo Child,” Mr. Bibbins reinvents the song beautifully with passion and energy.”

— Howard Lawrence, iTunes review, iTunes