My full-length wild & crazy 2014 rock ‘n roll novel…

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Rock and Roll Sex and Fools


After being knocked to the floor by his mother in 1955 during a “reefer madness” moment, Joseph “Joe Kool” Jack bids his New Orleans family life adieu—seeking sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll; which triggers a long Forrest Gump type journey of funny and outrageous misadventures that reveal Joe—at least in his own mind—as the real genius and driving force behind many of history’s greatest rock and pop culture moments.

Joe’s hedonistic quest gets a righteous start when he winds up naked and on the wrong end of the barrel of a sawed-off shotgun after escaping the sharp knife of a voluptuous beauty he was romancing—all because he made the most egregious mistake a man could ever make while in the midst of being intimate with a woman. While in his “birthday suit,” Joe straps on a guitar and does a completely naked Chuck Berry “duck walking” routine in order to weasel his way out of being shot; and simultaneously performs a subtle bit of subterfuge to camouflage an urgent need, which results in the creation of a rock ‘n roll device that would later become the forte of rocker/guitarist Pete Townsend and a zillion other guitar players….The “pure genius” of Joe Kool Jack is born!

In Joe’s efforts to leave New Orleans he befriends a crazed couple; but he soon ends up on the run from them after he becomes an unwitting participant in a serious crime that the couple commits. He escapes to Memphis, Tennessee knowing that there are bullets marked with his name on them. But his escape leads him to stumble upon and cultivate the number one most important entity in the history of rock ‘n roll….trouble is, he doesn’t get the time to capitalize on it, because the crazed couple track him down, and he has to run once again—his life continues in this mode of outrageous rock ‘n roll discovery for quite a few years until he is finally forced to “fade to black”.

Rock ‘n roll is the name of Joe’s game…and he makes it conspicuously known that he was a central player in many of the great musical moments that are now part of our cultural lexicon…..Well, at least inside his own mind!